Ogasawara: Rainy Day Activities

Dear prospective Ogasawara visitors, As you might know, Ogasawara is a subtropical climate, subject to windy typhoons just as often as it is blessed by gorgeous sunny days. This blog post will give you a range of ideas on what to do on a rainy day so you can make the most of your visit…

In Other Words : A Photo Gallery

Just photos!

Briefly Checking In, Out

Dear Readers,

It has been more than a week since I last wrote. It feels a little funny, but…

Truly, Family for a Time

I’ve been living and working at Pelan Village for nearly four months now. I’ve had the immense privilege of growing close to a community of amazing people. This post is a tribute to my new “nakama” comrades. If you so desire, click on each image to enlarge and read a descriptive caption.

Hiking Heart Rock

The other day, a couple new friends took me hiking up Heart Rock. To hike Heart Rock, you must be accompanied by a tour guide with an entry pass. This is to protect the endemic flora and fauna that call this island home. The trail leads to the Chihiroiwa mountain and is named after the heart shape…

Ogasawara, Ye ‘Ol Land o’ Tropical Paradise

Thinking of visiting Ogasawara or staying at Pelan Village? You’ve come to the right place. This photo gallery will give you a photographic glimpse into what life is like on this gorgeous island.   Click each photo to enlarge it and read a description.   These pictures mostly sum up all the perks of visiting…

How to hand-fish while snorkeling

Since I started snorkeling, I’ve been fascinated with the intricacies of hand-fishing. I’m an amateur- an amateur frustrated with the apparent lack of how-to information on the topic online. So here’s my little contribution to like-minded people who want to catch some dinner. This morning, the Shimizu family and I went hiking to Buta Beach, toting…

A Pelan New Year

Scroll through a photo gallery full of snaps from Pelan Village during this Japanese New Year.

Snorkeling Snaps: A Photo Gallery

Lo, a baby giant clam with flamboyant purple lips. Those lips are ultra sensitive to tremors in the water so they tighten up when a fish or diver swims nearby. God forbid if you poke ’em- they’ll clamp up real hard.

Island Hyper-Freak: Fun facts about Ogasawara

Worse than goats, feral cats, large rats, and land snails, are the red coral poachers who ghost around the island in search of bounty. Coral sells for an incredibly high price, selling for as much as $1,550/gram. Its no wonder pirates will shoulder the cost of coming from as far as Korea and China to this little group of islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

A Lazy-Day Update

Stylistic note: The following blog post is written in diary form: rambling, revealing, and nonsensical.   I’ve never woken up so early before in my life. When I first arrived at Pelan Village, I would wake up at 5:45 am to begin work at 6 am. (Now, I tend to sleep in a bit, since my…