Snaps at Mt. Fuji

Hello there, dear reader, and welcome to Rain Again!

This blog has turned into a record of my travels in Asia into a more meandering medium for poetic renderings. Feel free to browse, reach out, read more.

About myself: I’m Kaori Freda, a Japanese-American visual artist and corporate financial analyst. I recently shifted from life on the Japanese Ogasawara Archipelago to working at Nike headquarters, working at Accompany, a thriving tech startup recently acquired by Cisco, to doing big $$$ things in finance at Salesforce. I live in Oakland, CA with my sassy cat Oreo.

I’m a person of myriad interests and meandering ways: In the past, I’ve created bucketloads of artwork, trained in traditional printmaking techniques in Italy, interned at various tech incubators and startups, and contributed to Spoon & Tamago, an international Japanese art and design website based out of Tokyo and New York City. I am continually inspired by my friend and mentor Mara Zepeda—an empathetic leader of the greatest magnitude—check out her remarkable life story!


Schermata 2015-12-07 alle 10.57.12
An immersive art installation I constructed with 23,000 papers cones. Read more here. Photo by Nina Lee Johnson


A stunning view of the city of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo.

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  1. Gretchen H. Freda says:

    I don’t seem to have much free time these days…a little bit overwhelmed….just reaping some results of old age..getting tired, etc. Anyway, thank you for always replying to anything I sent out to people. Sometimes you’re the only one, and it’s so admirable and endearing. So, your Dad put your blog on my favorites’ bar. I finally clicked and learned how really fabulous my grand daughter really is, what she has been doing (I haven’t read and looked at everything, you understand). Also, I was thrilled and somewhat overwhelmed at pictures and info. of your village. It’s so foreign, but so interesting. Very few Americans would ever have the opportunity to see and know what you make possible for me in pictures and wonderful scripts. You could certainly add writing skills to your impressive list of gifts. Gotta go now….to do my exercises which I hate, of course. I’m unfortunately staying home from OR Symphony concert (Joshua Bell, violinist) tonight with Wyatt as Aunt Jennifer is tired and your Dad wanted a rain check. I had a real little dizzy spell and didn’t feel well afterwards. Best I don’t go anywhere tonight..which I don’t mind too much. As a substitute for the concert, I told Wyatt how to get to your blog…for his amazement, joy and edification! He’s so nice and so smart. I’m always doing this…saying I “gotta go,” and then going on and on. Sorry.




    1. Kaori Freda says:

      Aw, grandma, I love you so. Sending you an email in reply.


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