Chortling New Mexico

Hi everyone- its been quite a while since I last posted.

Why? Well, I’ve been off the grid in New Mexico on a 25 acre property, courtesy of the Anagram Artist Retreat near Gila National Forest, kitty corner to a little town called Glenwood (where we 9 artists stocked up on internet, library books, and snack bags).

The desert enveloped our tight and transient artists’ community in a sheer bubble of bright blue sky- interrupted by frequent thunderstorms and lightning shows, in which our primary irritants were the bugs, the snakes, and the cows. Gone were the anxieties that come with city living: the pleasurable distraction of constant internet, the barrage of texts, the solitudinous of zoned landscape hemmed in by glass and metal.


Nate draws and John sews in the sweltering barn, surrounded by markers and chunks of cholla cactus skeleton.
Every night one or two artists would cook a delicious meal for everyone- we gobbled latkes, borscht, okonomiyaki, indian curry, japanese curry, tonkatsu pork cutlets, pasta and meatballs, crepes, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, cocktails galore, peanut butter baklava, and fudge mint bars caked with whip cream. All that being said, nothing beat Chez Nate’s vodka fried chicken!
I worked all month hunched over this sequinned behemoth. Sequins courtesy of Walmart in Silver City, New Mexico.
John Lincoln-Vogel with Danny the monkey, performing for the very first time at the residency about that well-known topic of love found and lost.

I had the honour of living and collaborating with a myriad of wondrous people.

Check out these incredible artists’ websites! (Click on each name to be redirected to their art portfolio online.)

Livien Yin

baker, chef, coder, queen of cholla embroidery and vibrant gouache arrangements,

Arthur Johnstone

a fella who boasts Reddit fame after a painted series depicting space aliens intruding upon pastoral country landscapes (but that barely scrapes the surface of his dedicated artistic praxis),

Annelyse Gelman

a sharp queen with a mastery of poetry-films & headed for a Fulbright in Berlin,

Auden Lincoln-Vogel

self-taught animator and filmmaker extraordinaire bound for a Fulbright in Estonia,

Nate Carlson

lightning fast illustrator and painter, Chief Chef + hot desert blade-runner,

James Siewart

who beat-boxes like you wouldn’t believe, and who recently hustled (he hates the word “hustle”, by the way) $9k on Kickstarter for his sweet animation The Past Inside the Present (co-created with Annelyse & Auden),

John Lincoln-Vogel (and Danny!)

a vibrant soul whose performances and glowing sincerity rocked us all into a higher level of reality.


signing off with love,



Thoughts? Questions? Inspirations?

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