Roma in Auschwitz

250,000 Roma were murderedĀ in the Holocaust



“On some days, if he had nothing to sell, the trader might have to beg (or rather send his wife and chlidren out to beg). This is not a source of shame; it is just another option, another way to do his job, which is making money.” page 159 in Isabel Fonseca’s Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey
Fig. 371. -A Gipsy Family.-Fac-simile of a Woodcut in the “Cosmographic Universelle” of Munser in falio, Basle, 1552.


“The genocide of the Sinti and the Roma was carried out from the same motive of racial mania, with the same premeditation, with the same wish for the systematic and total extermination as the genocide of the Jews. Complete families from the very young to the very old were systematically murdered within the entire sphere of influence of the National Socialists.” -Roman Herzog, Federal President of Germany, 16 March 1997
German Schutzstaffel physician Josef Mengele’s research subjects were better fed and housed than other prisoners and temporarily safe from the gas chambers. He established a kindergarten for children that were the subjects of experiments, along with all Romani children under the age of six. Witness Vera Alexander described how he [Mengele] sewed two Romani twins together back to back in an attempt to create conjoined twins. The children died of gangrene after several days of suffering.


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