Roma in Auschwitz

“The genocide of the Sinti and the Roma was carried out from the same motive of racial mania, with the same premeditation, with the same wish for the systematic and total extermination as the genocide of the Jews. Complete families from the very young to the very old were systematically murdered within the entire sphere of influence of the National Socialists.” -Roman Herzog, Federal President of Germany, 16 March 1997


Part Two: Grandfather’s Story

Before the war I was an avid hunter. An incident after I got home changed that. I was standing pressed against a tree with my 30-30 rifle hanging from my right hand. It was fall and the first day of deer hunting season. It was my first hunt. It was a beautiful day. The fall…

Grandpa’s Story

My grandfather Dave Freda is an incredibly strong human being who has led an inspirational life despite hardship and war. At 87 years old, he is currently recuperating from chemo and throat cancer in a nursing home in Portland, Oregon. This is part of his story.

The Fredas Go to the Painted Hills

This weekend, for the first time ever, some of the Freda family cousins went on a road trip. Joey is visiting from Florida, where he is training in the Navy, so we leapt on the chance to get together for a summer adventure. Representing three different branches of the Freda family, Wyatt, Karen, Joey and…