A semblance of artistry

Dear lovelies,


I write I write and the harp strums

It is an other way of thinking

I’ll all about criticising societal norms these days

My knee proves it.

After I fell, I felt and wept emotions down my face beside the trashbin.

Downtown Portland: interim home.

The skin blisters anew on my knee, a catalyst

I don’t know and I don’t know

(Shhh: High tunes ring true but no, the curry had little soup)

Toes splayed out evenly. Evenly? More like IN FORMATION

In form.

You know when you forget the blueberries in the fridge for so long they begin to wrinkle?

And you eat them anyways because they hold a semblance of their blueberry form.

My path splits into two now, I can see.

Wrinkled blueberry on the left, true-blue-berry diverging starboard.


Signing off,



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