Nebulous mobility, the future, and the frog

It’s a funny thing to realise you have branded yourself and that everyone is watching. That every action is a re-action and a reflection. Where you hurl forward trusting that your past has cleared the path before you, because you cannot spend eternity watching yourself.

It is not time to rest; you have learned enough and now it is time to put what you’ve learnt into practice. There is no longer time to worry about perspective, judgement, words which mask and re-mask themselves as action when they are truly primordial sounds attributed only later with significance.

Words have many meanings and the mind preemptively selects those with a precisely favourable nuance. Words define origins; social status, race, gender, feelings, and futures. Words exist for many reasons: some, like the word “many”, act as filler; wood dust or corn starch to manifest a sense of substance but others do the hard work— the work of language, the language of work.

Flowery language, like the fake persona, is a dangerous pitfall masked by sweet aromas. These sweet nothings are a bureaucrat’s favourite recourse and a yes-man’s disguise towards something solid. Does filler have a rhyme or a reason? Yes, filler does exist for a reason.

“Many” is a comma, a rest, a time for sweet nothings, and a time to prepare for real words strung together to make real sense. “Unfortunately” boasts an element of condolence, an unapologetic sorry stretched tight over a resolute “but”. “Um” is simply fear verbalised as discomfort, and “then” is a remembrance uttered as consequence reimagined, or a time in the hopeful future: we think we need “then” but the past and the future are only a quick series of events.

Who ever asked the historians to come? We can cement our own memories.


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  1. serrashelton says:

    Holy Sh*t Kaori this is brilliant and beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaori Freda says:

    Honoured and pleased, dear Serra!


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