Briefly Checking In, Out

maskDear Readers,


It has been more than a week since I last wrote. It feels a little funny, but exciting changes in my life have kept me away from the blog. I wrote and illustrated a half dozen letters, began to make amends with a dear friend, and heard exciting news developing on the Nike job front. I never told you about Setsubon, when the Shimizu family and I all sat facing one direction silently eating our giant sushi rolls, before driving to the temple atop the mountain, where islanders of all generations dressed in monk garments threw hundreds of toasted miso beans at a huge crowd (thus warding off oni, mischievous demons, and ushering in a good year).

I never told you about rainy days spent inside, teaching myself Photoshop and Illustrator in front of a bright computer screen until my spine couldn’t take it anymore. I also forgot to talk about the nights out with fellow foreigners, and god forbid, the now infrequent nightmares that astound me with the way they creatively mask and reveal my daily fears and anxieties. I also neglected to mention two more sea kayaking trips, snorkeling in the chilly winter water, hiking Buta Beach, and picking up gorgeous fragments of driftwood while making dastardly clever plans with my good Japanese friends.

I forgot to tell you all that and more, but now I’m trying to make up for it. There is a good chance, friends, that I will be back in Portland within the next few months beginning a design career at a place where I’ve always dreamt of working. I’ll not tell you who or what, but keep all your digits crossed for me anyways.

Warmth and Smiling Monks,



An Illustrator project in progress. I feel rather indecisive about the very yellow-orange skin tone.

Thoughts? Questions? Inspirations?

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