Truly, Family for a Time

I’ve been living and working at Pelan Village for nearly four months now. I’ve had the immense privilege of growing close to a community of amazing people. This post is a tribute to my new “nakama” comrades. If you so desire, click on each image to enlarge and read a descriptive caption. Advertisements

Hiking Heart Rock

The other day, a couple new friends took me hiking up Heart Rock. To hike Heart Rock, you must be accompanied by a tour guide with an entry pass. This is to protect the¬†endemic flora and fauna that call this island home. The trail leads to the Chihiroiwa mountain and is named after¬†the heart shape…

Letters IV

Illustrations accompanying words sent back to America.

Moroccan Mercados: Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Vendors drag wooden trolleys around selling flatbreads for a handful of dirham (the local currency), roasted fava beans wrapped in triangles of old newspaper, and sandwiches brimming with savory meat of questionable origin. There are bakeries showcasing honey-coated confectionaries surrounded by hordes of flies, buzzing slowly in the summer heat.