Dear Harrison,


It’s pouring outside right now but I’ve still got the fan off to ward off humidity. I’m chugging chocolate pellets, because it is Thanksgiving in America but just another normal day here on the island.

You must be in the final throes of thesis by now, but I very well might be wrong. I desperately wonder what your studies look like.

Nobody sends letters anymore. It’s an act of love to send a piece of paper into the world – and selfish to expect one in return – ┬ábut won’t you write me back?

You know, I’m so happy you switched over to at from (was it Classics?) Your dedication & skill & all those hours in the DML! and you were/are so kind to everyone. Reed is a better place w/you there.


happy <—> holidays

& I miss you

& sending you oodles of posi energy.


Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 13.40.43

Dear Nina,


I’m writing to you with this letter propped up on Haruki Murakami’s novel dance, dance, dance. If you haven’t read any of his novels, I would highly suggest them – you’ll fall into an otherworldly experience. Books bring hallucinatory experiences far more subjective than watching television or even grade A movies.

I hope my handwriting isn’t too impossible.

Today, I woke @ 6 am (ugh) to ride a ricketty fishing boat to an uninhabited island in the Pacific. There, we cleaned the beach of garbage washed ashore, for three hours. I was so proud I didn’t throw up, roundtrip, even though the waves were very rocky & I impossibly napped @ the ship’s tip.

Right now, I’m listening to The Monkee’s I’m a Believer, because I love the sea. I’ve been finding odd eroded plastic relics from the sea – a sheep figurine’s head, a busted toy soldier, a tiny bird’s head with a long beak bleached white by rain, salt, and sun. Mostly, I’ve been collecting faded blue porcelainware, washed up in bits & chunks on the island’s various shores. I’ve got a couple art residencies – one in Fukuoka & one in China lined up & I’m convinced these items will form the epicenter of my next installation.

— enough about me —

Some questions for you:

  • Who is your favourite old-time ┬álady singer?
  • What are your thoughts on Michael Jordan?
  • Why do you love photography?
  • And finally, why did you choose Reed when you did?

I hope you’ll write me.

Happy Holidays,

Kaori Freda




Dear Cancy,


Soon you’ll be in Japan! Hokkaido will be oh-so-snowy. How do you usually celebrate the holidays? I bet New Years is super spicy-special in Hong Kong. I’ve love to hear more about your time interning in NYC.

Japan is such a lovely place, now that I’m living on its periphery. There are konbinis on every street corner, although it is a struggle to find a good cup of joe. Have you have macha caffe latte? So frothy, yumm.

I’m writing to you from a singular ray of sunlight penetrating the thick jungle. Blur’s album is playing in the background. Reed was oh-so-stressful. How did you deal with the stress? Did you like Reed? I miss it, but feel so grateful to have found a restorative environment in Japan. There’s so much leisure here – opportunities to walk a mere 10 min to the beach to wade, snorkel, fish, & surf. I live with a very easy going family of four, Japanese islanders who love to kayak, DIY crafts, and do yoga. They are my family for the time being.

Thanksgiving just passed. The Japanese don’t celebrate it – so instead I’m collecting people’s favourite holiday foods. What are yours? I love dark meat, gravy, peppermint bark, and deeply inhaling that good ‘ol pine smell.

Write me,

Kaori Freda


Dear Tenzin,


When someone thinks of you & goes out of their way to offer you advice, don’t you feel special & warm inside, like the flickering embers of a fire? That’s the way you made me feel, when you emailed me incredibly useful tidbits of information out of the blue.

I’m not sure I believe in God, but when the universe points me in a certain direction, I listen. What with your advice & various other omens, I decided not to take up this art residency in Varanasi, which seems superfluous & corrupt, but to go to Varanasi on my own terms. I’m quite obsessed with silk, you see (it was a main component of my art thesis @ Reed) and apparently Varanasi is renowned for the silk trade & production! I hope to remember to send you a silk swatch back.

I’d love to know more about your time living next to the Ganges. You said it was part of a highschool science project that didn’t work out too well? Tell me more!

Glad I know you,




Dear Kira,


Guess who is a fool studying Italian in Japan. I’m so glad you did go to Taiwan, with the whole fam-jam too! How is NJ/PDX? I really miss home, as well as our feuds/cuddles. The island is uber relaxing, although morning chores can get me really grumpy and it gets lonely when torrential downpour keeps me indoors. I never knew there were so many fish in the sea (no, not men, fish!). Please keep close the diary I kept in Italy- those memories are precious. I’ll be home in a year or two – if you’re still on the West Coast let’s hang. Are you still afraid of the post? If not, pen me a stylish letter! Fun questions you could respond to in a prospective letter:

  1. Spiciest thing you’ve eaten.
  2. Spiciest boy you’ve seen.
  3. Best dream.
  4. New friends’ hairdoos.

Anyways! Love you, Miss you!

I want to make you a starfruit pie.

Love, Kaokao

PS: winter doesn’t exist here, hooray! except it rains & is super humid. I live with a super eco-aware happy family obsessed with India and elephants and yoga. tell me about your community, pretty pls.



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