Letters III

Dear Sophie,   Your birthday & Christmas have passed and New Years is nearly upon us. It is a gloriously sunny and warm day out and I’m eating a bento out of a tin container from India and sipping green milk tea. I’ve captured a tiny green caterpillar from the okra plot and it squirms…

Watch out for the Sushi Police

Let me introduce you to the Sushi Police, a team of Japanese anti-heroes who are not cool, not fair, and not brave, fighting against the powers of sushi overseas. Sushi Police (pronounced sushi-porisu) is a lively 3DCG animated television series inspired by the real-life drama that happened in 2006 when the Japanese government attempted to authenticate global Japan cuisine and prevent bastardized sushi like Los Angeles’s famous California Rolls.

Snorkeling Snaps: A Photo Gallery

Lo, a baby giant clam with flamboyant purple lips. Those lips are ultra sensitive to tremors in the water so they tighten up when a fish or diver swims nearby. God forbid if you poke ’em- they’ll clamp up real hard.

Island Hyper-Freak: Fun facts about Ogasawara

Worse than goats, feral cats, large rats, and land snails, are the red coral poachers who ghost around the island in search of bounty. Coral sells for an incredibly high price, selling for as much as $1,550/gram. Its no wonder pirates will shoulder the cost of coming from as far as Korea and China to this little group of islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

A Lazy-Day Update

Stylistic note: The following blog post is written in diary form: rambling, revealing,¬†and nonsensical.   I’ve never woken up so early before in my life. When I first arrived at Pelan Village, I would wake up at 5:45 am to begin work at 6 am. (Now, I tend to sleep in a bit, since my…

On Travel

There are many reasons why traveling is difficult: language barriers, homesickness, cultural expectations, strange food. But perhaps the most difficult challenge of them all is to ignore the creeping feeling that you’re doing it wrong. That others are doing it better than you. That somehow, the days will fly by and you will have missed out something unnameable.

Letters II

Snail-mail scribed for beloved family in America.


Letters penned for friends.