Dream on, Sucker

An old dream from finals week:

Had an insane dream where I was working at a camp with Abbie from architecture class and she was really not happy with her wage and position and was really vocal about it interrupting the camp director during her speech at the parents opening and I kept on wincing because neither of them dealt with it well.

It was a black tie affair and the black chalkboard was magnetic and i hung spoons like bullet points for the director and the audience to have a conversation. and I was getting paid $10 an hour when I knew the last job I had worked had paid me $20/hr but I consoled myself with the thought that this job demanded far less of me even though my bosses were total incompetent idiots. The director had flashy red hair and was very distractible and flighty.

During the alcohol ridden after party I made it my job to go around with a brown Reed College bon appetite commons tray to pick up the empty beer, water, and wine bottles. Some of them were empty, some sloshed a little with liquid inside. They were startling shades of green, blue, grey, and black. None were plastic, all were glass. There were drunkards squirming on the floor at times and at others, holding their children and making loud exclamations.

I ducked underneath a fancily dressed waiter, who was Shia LeBouf, with a soft spoken “May I pick this up?” and without a second glass he confirmed but later regretted it because the bottle I picked up was an 1852 bumpy green glass bottle, a favorite relic of his master’s. He had been serving hor d’oeuvres of spicy chicken wings and a few seconds later, after I had grabbed the bottle and started to descend the long flight of helix shaped stairs down to the ground, he shouted after me “Wait!”. I began to run, as one can, down that flight of stairs. They reminded me eerily of the 452 sloppy steps in the Tower of Pisa.

And he finally caught up to me, grasped my arm, and began to feed me a chicken wing as I cried. My face was turned away. I probably gave him the bottle back but at that point he probably didn’t care because we had fallen in love.

Then I woke up, to the cat on my chest, purring loudly.

Photo on 8-23-15 at 6.00 PM #4


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