To Keep Myself Accountable: Very Early New Year’s Goals

Location: Japan
Duration: 1 year
  1. Travel to one or more of these countries: India, China, Vietnam, Thailand.
  2. Track expenditures and stay within the confines of a budget.
  3. Get fit&healthy: bike, munch on lots of local veggies and fish.
  4. Learn and master HTML, CSS.
  5. Learn Java.
  6. Learn and master Photoshop.
  7. Get into one residency program and 1-2 art shows.
  8. Blog!!! And add to my portfolio/website
  9. Learn and gain intermediate level in Illustrator.
  10. Send abundant snail mail to friends, family, blessed mentors. Shout out to Anne John! I love you!
  11. That was probably boring for you to read. Here, have a silly portrait. Can you tell I like salmon nigiri?



Thoughts? Questions? Inspirations?

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